QAI´s online Role Based Skill Assessment(RBSA) is a scientific skill assessment tool, designed to provide an understanding of the current skill and proficiency level of Testing & QA professionals. The assessment applies to all levels of testing professionals, regardless of the nature, type, size or complexity of projects in which they are engaged. It is flexible and can be customized to match the definition of an organization´s specific testing roles and required competencies.

The RBSA is completely customized to an organizational context. The customization starts at the first step itself, by aligning ROLES an organization has, with SKILL AREAS. Each Skill AREA is further subdivided into SKILL CATEGORIES, SKILL AREAS and SKILL UNITS. For each skill unit, a proficiency level is assigned by the organization, indicating the extent to which an individual is essentially required to perform well in one’s role. The comparison is always between expected proficiency levels that are defined by an organization and current proficiency level of a candidate once he / she completes a test. The framework is aligned to industry reference frameworks like CMMi, TMMi, TOGAF and standards like ISO and IEEE.

We currently provide 3 skill areas : Software Testing & QA, Program Management and Process Improvement , 4 major skill categories :Technology, Process & Technique, Tools & Automation and Management & Support, 89 Skill Areas and 374 Skill Units across 4 proficiency levels.

Software Testing & QAProgram ManagementProcess Improvement
Based on QAI's UCFT Framework

Universal Competency Framework for Testing was developed with the objective of creating a standard for providing individuals and organizations with guidance, on how to manage the career and professional development in the field of software testing. The target audience for this standard includes current & aspiring testing professionals, organizations employing them and any associated industry professional groups involved in software testing. Click Here to know more.

Designed for Workforce Development

This tool has been used by us for doing structured workforce development for over 50+ clients in USA, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and India. Using this tool we have helped organizations plan their learning investments, design and structure of role-based training programs and enabled career progression.

Aligned to Organizational Roles

The competency assessments are fully customizable and configurable to as many roles as you wish to, given the organization’s context. If your business requires assessments beyond the subject areas covered in UCFT, our team of subject matter experts can fully tailor UCFT to meet your specific business needs.

Adaptive Evaluation Methodology

To ensure that each individual is evaluated in a comprehensive manner, our evaluation tool is designed based on the adaptive evaluation methodology. This ensures that no question is repeated and questions are selected so as to maximize the precision of the exam, based on what is known about the examinee from previous questions. From the examinee’s perspective, the difficulty of the exam seems to be tailoring itself to his or her level of ability.

Personalized Learning Plan

Based on the gaps identified in the assessment, our SME experts would work on creating an individualized learning plan for every individual whose assessment is completed. In addition, this enables us to educate the next steps and investments that the individual or the workgroup needs to take for improving their employability quotient in the profession of Software Testing.




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