Quality is everyone’s responsibility. Each person is responsible for that part of the code or project artefact or service that he/she is expected to deliver to internal or external customers; and Quality counts for each deliverable. It is the primary distinguishing factor that imparts a competitive edge.

This intense workshop covers the fundamental concepts of Software Quality. The program is meant for every software professional in an organization, since it seeks to familiarize the participants with crucial Quality concepts. No prior knowledge is required. The boot-camp on software quality covers the basics of Quality & aims to sensitize the participants to Quality in context of Software Engineering.

Day 1
Quality concepts | Project variables, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Cost of Quality, Workbench, | Product and Process Quality | Software engineering overview | Lifecycle phases in the context of Quality implementation | Quality approaches and models | TQM, learning from gurus e.g. PDCA, Deming & Applying TQM | Process concept, Standards, guidelines, models, the Quality Pyramid
Day 2
Quality Control | Testing – What and why of testing, levels of testing, types of testing, testing lifecycle (planning, execution, completion) | Reviews/ inspections/ walkthroughs – Why review, types of review (inspection, walkthrough, checkpoint review) and the processes | Metrics | Why metrics, metrics and measurement, some key rules, examples, the approach to derive metrics | Tally sheets, Run chart, Bar chart, Histograms, Pareto charts, Scatter diagrams, Control charts, Cause effect, Brainstorming. | Broad coverage of ISO 9001:2000, CMMI® and CMMI® | Quality tools




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