User stories are a great way to build software that meet users’ needs. Their simplicity, clarity and brief descriptions regarding functionality will be valuable to real users. In this practical workshop we look at all aspects of gathering, writing and validating user stories.

Participants will learn what makes a great user story, how to create it and ways to gather user stories. After compiling these stories, workshop focuses on how to organize them, prioritize them, estimate them and use them for planning, management and testing.

Day 1
Introduction to Agile methodology | Agile manifesto, principles and practices | Scrum methodology | Approach for capturing user requirements in Agile project environment | Understanding the concept of user stories | Write/gather stories | Techniques for developing user stories – story-writing workshops | Understand the attributes of user stories and validate them
Day 2
Acceptance test stories | Prioritization of “user stories” | Benefits of user stories | User story estimation and factors to consider for time boxing the iteration | Plan iterations and releases | Measure and monitor velocity
Challenges with user stories