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Scaling SCRUM with SCRUM


Scrum is the world’s most common, and now most popular, agile development framework. Scaling Scrum with Scrum is designed for individuals who will be engaged in the widespread implementation of Scrum across the organization. This workshop is appropriate for those involved in your organization’s scaling initiative, whether from a strategic, tactical, or support position.

Successful Scrum is based on Patterns that are used in and with the Scrum framework. 3Back’s Scaling Scrum with Scrum (SSwS) course explores some of these basic Patterns, including:

  • Fundamental Patterns – explaining how and why Scrum works
  • Basic Scaling Patterns – extending Scrum from one Team to an entire organization
  • Large Organization Patterns – augmenting the Scaling Patterns for the enterprise

In addition to these SSwS patterns, students will examine two additional popular scaling methods, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) from a Pattern-based perspective.

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