Essential Software Project Management ESPM prepares project managers to succeed by demystifying Software Project Management.

QAI’s Essential Software Project Management (ESPM) course was first introduced a few years ago. Its extraordinary success can be gauged by the fact it has offered full houses (22 times as public seminars and 35 times in-company programs) in organizations like Xerox, Wipro Systems, Intergraph, Hughes Software, Sonata Software, Oracle and many more. In this short span and with every offering the program has evolved and improved based on the feedback from the participants.

Essential Software Management Principles can transform a chaotic endeavor into an orderly step by step process. ESPM provides a framework for Results Management. The workshop provides a conceptual and practical framework for planning, tracking and controlling software projects. Workshop attendees will be able to understand the static’s and dynamics of development and learn about tools and techniques to manage in this context.

Module 1 – Requirement & Scope Management
Introduction to Projects, Management, Project Management | Feasibility Study: Why, Who, What, How, When
Requirement Definition: | Importance of doing Requirement definition well | Flow for Requirements Management
Module 2 – Estimation
Estimation | Estimation principles | Why to estimate | When to estimate | Who is involved in doing estimation | What is an estimate | What parameters to estimate | Estimation techniques | Quick Function Point | COCOMO II | Delphi Wideband
Module 3 –  Risk Management
Risk Management | Risk Management Principles | Risk Management Process | Risk Identification | Risk Analysis | Risk Response Planning | Risk Monitoring and Control | Metrics in Risk Management
Module 4 – Planning
Planning | Define the process | Define Work Breakdown Structure | Define Task Relationships and Scheduling using CPM | Define resources | Define schedule | Build Project Plan
Module 5 – Monitoring, Tracking & Closure
Project Monitoring & Control and Reporting | Goals | Tools | Various levels of Reporting | Change Management | Team Management | Project Closure




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