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Foundations of Capability (2 Days)


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Course Overview

This is a 2-Day Building Organizational Capability course introducing CMMI V2.0.

This training introduces the participant to an overview of new concepts in the CMMI V2.0 Product Suite.

In this course, students will have hands-on access to the current online version of the CMMI V2.0 Model. They shall actively participate in class discussions and exercises to learn how to navigate the model, understand its value and use it to improve business performance

Objective of the course bundle

During the courses participants will learn to:

  • Connect the CMMI model with business value
  • Describe the components of CMMI
  • Use CMMI as a tool for improving performance.
  • Understand the high-level value of a CMMI Appraisal

Upon successful completion* of the course, participants will get:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Exam Credit to take the Certified CMMI Associate Exam
  • Certification as a CMMI Associate upon passing the exam
  • Meet an initial education and certification criteria for serving on a CMMI V2.0 appraisal team upon CMMI Associate Certification
  • Meet pre-requisite for a Building Excellence course on a CMMI V2.0 view



  1. Successful completion requires participation in all course activities without missing any classroom time
  2. During registration, participants can select between English and Chinese as preferred language for CMMI Associate Exam
  3. The course requires participants to view online content – participants need to bring along their own laptop/ tablet with internet access
  4. Fees are not refundable once a participant is provided access to the Model viewer
  5. Early registration is recommended to enable timely access to the Model Viewer

© CMMI, the CMMI Institute name and the CMMI logo are registered marks of CMMI Institute.


This bundle is for any of the following:

  • Anybody interested in improving business performance
  • Anybody interested in understanding CMMI V2.0
  • Anybody pursuing completion of training & certification criteria for an Appraisal Team Member (ATM) in a CMMI V2.0 appraisal