Agile development has been adopted and is seen as a commonly accepted methodology in the current day scenario. Agility means ability to adapt and react expeditiously and appropriately to the changes in the environment.

Given the benefits and adoption of Agile Methodologies, it is imperative to ensure the understanding and adoption of Agile Methodologies across all business units in an organization. In this course on “Agile Test Strategies”, you will learn to handle test strategies for an Agile project team. Building on the orientation of quality, we will be taking a deeper dive into the strategies that can be adopted by the project teams to complete testing in an optimal manner.

Module 1 – Introduction
Participants | Familiarization with course material  | Familiarization with the protocols and timings | Expectation setting and clarifications
Module 2 – Agile Concepts
Agile manifesto, values and practices | Agile characteristics | Applicability of Agile methods | Popular Agile flavors
Module 3 – Agile Life Cycle
The Scrum process | Requirements — ??User Stories | Scrum artifacts | Scrum roles | Scrum meetings
Module 4 – The SCRUM Team
Scrum team composition | Team commitment and self organization | Role of testers in Scrum | Dynamics of a sprint | Skills requirement for testers
Module 5 – Agile Engineering Practices
SW Re-factoring | Test driven development | Continuous integration | Retrospectives | Pair programming
Module 6 – Agile Testing Strategies
Hands-testing in Agile projects | Practice of continuous testing | Testing as part of iterations | Shared test resources | Testers in distributed teams
Module 7 – Test Strategy & Planning in Agile Projects
Deciding types of tests | Testing for various life cycle models | Test planning for a release
Module 8 – Testing in Sprints
Test case design, review | Unit testing | Functional testing | Bug tracking and management | Validating bugs
Module 9 – Test Estimation in Agile Projects
Facts about estimation | Agile estimation strategy | Estimating test efforts in Agile | Modified wide band Delphi process | Estimation using planning poker method
Module 10 – Testing Outside Sprints
Planning high volume testing | Planning for regression, workflow, system acceptance testing | Planning for performance testing | Metrics for Agile projects | Definition of metrics | Some useful test metrics for Agile projects | Metric collection and analysis | Test automation strategies | Automation types and tools | Unit test frameworks | Automation of regression testing