“A major difference between a ‘well-developed’ science such as physics and some of the less ‘well-developed’ science is the degree to which they are measured.” – Fred Roberts

We need software measurements to know where we are, to help decide where we want to be and to track progress. Measurement is integral to the management of organizations, projects, process and products. “What cannot be measured cannot be managed” and ” What cannot be managed cannot be improved”. While it is important to measure, it is equally and perhaps more important to know some relevant measures. There are too many measures that can be taken for a software project, however, the challenge lies in identifying measures and establishing a measurement program that serves the business objectives.

The workshop shall provide a complete insight into setting up and managing measurement systems towards quantitatively managing project’s processes and product’s quality, thus meeting business goals and objectives of organizations. The workshop provides a conceptual and practical framework for designing and implementing a Software Metrics program. Participants will be able to understand the usage of Metrics in identifying and solving problems, leading to a more effective management of software projects and products. The workshop also covers concepts of Metrics in CMMI® implementation.

Module 1 – Introduction
Concept of Measurement  |  Basic measures | Derived metrics | Sample measurements | Prerequisite to measurements
Module 2 -Metrics for Management
Managing projects using metrics | Managing schedules, cost, effort | Managing product quality and performance using metrics | Defect (reviews, testing) metrics | Using defect metrics in management | Managing processes using metrics | Process performance | Process capabilities | Process improvement
Module 3 – Goal Question Metrics (GQM)
GQ(I)M (Goal Question Indicator Metric) based metrics program management | Concepts | Application | Practice Exercises
Module 4 – Metrics & CMMI
Metrics and CMMI® | Mapping metrics to Process Area | Metrics at Maturity Levels 2 & 3 | Metrics at High Maturity
Module 5 – Setting up a Metrics Program
Using statistical techniques in Metrics analysis | Applying Seven QC tools in Metrics analysis | Setting up Metrics program | Objective | Metrics collection Mechanism | Metrics storage and Presentation | Metrics tools





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