In the pursuit of achieving true agility in delivering software solutions, that adapt quickly to changing business needs, organizations are increasingly adopting Agile methodologies. At the same time organizations also want to establish & maintain a strong quality framework based on internationally recognized models & frameworks such as CMMI® that foster continuous improvement.

With the advent of globalization, rapidly changing market scenarios, increased customer awareness and increased pressure on cost optimization, organizations are feeling a need to focus on both Agile and CMMI®. However, Agile and CMMI® are often perceived as opposites which makes striking a right balance between them a big challenge.

This workshop aims at providing an understanding of basics of CMMI® and Agile; clarity on myths surrounding co-existence of CMMI & Agile and insights on how to use Agile with CMMI®.

Day 1
Introduction | Context setting | Overview to CMMI®-DEV model framework | Agile concept and popular Agile methods | CMMI®-DEV and AGILE – myths & realities | Compliment or Contradict | Documentation vs. no documentation | Application scenario
Day 2
How to perceive CMMI®-DEV and AGILE together | CMMI® low maturity (ML2-ML3) with Agile | CMMI® high maturity (ML4-ML5) with Agile | Tips for successful harmonization | Conclusion