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The agile methodology of software development is a considerable departure from traditional waterfall development. The participants will be able to identify if agile method of working is more suited to their work type, if so, which of the available agile methodologies and agile practices to use.  The objective of this two day course is to impart the skills required for working as part of agile teams. Participants learn the various activities involved in being a practitioner in an Agile and SCRUM teams.

The participants will get an introduction to agile practices, release and sprint planning, estimation techniques, tracking progress in agile projects and how to transition an organization to Agile and so on. The participants can effectively be part of agile teams in an organization after attending this course.

Day 1
Introducing Agility and Agile methods | Introducing Agile process development framework | Popular Agile Methods | Organization of Agile projects | SCRUM for Agile project management-Part 1. | Agile requirements management | Story writing workshop | Agile Estimation and Planning | Estimation Workshop |
Day 2
Iteration & Release planning | Iteration & release planning workshop | MOSCOW Prioritization | Monitoring and tracking Agile projects. | QA in Agile Projects | Core Processes of SCRUM- Part 2 | Sprint planning workshop | Sprint Review & Retrospective | R & R Workshop. | Situational exercises |




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