Agility means the ability to adapt and react expeditiously and appropriately to the changes in the environment. Agile Development is an umbrella term given to the various iterative and incremental software development methodologies that help organizations/projects to be more flexible to change and to deliver workable software in shorter span of time.

The approach to agile adoption needs to be different for each organization and its projects. Agile methodology is based on getting early and frequent feedback from the customer and also helps in providing best solutions customized to the customer’s target need areas.

QAI’s agile programs enable individuals to demonstrate their level of professionalism in agile practices and increase their professional versatility. QAI provides scalable and flexible delivery models to accommodate the client’s varied operational needs.


QAI offers courses under Instructor-led Training(ILT) model over three levels, namely, Project and Team, Leadership and Foundation level. The trainings are conducted in both public and in-house modes. Most of our trainers are Certified Scrum Masters, with an extensive experience of embedding agile methodology in the IT organization.

Courses Offered

Some of our popular courses include:

+ Certified Scrum Master
Certified Scrum Product Owner
+ Executive Overview to Agile Methodology
+ Agile Methodology Implementation
+ Mastering Agile SCRUM
+ Agile User Stories, Estimation & Planning
+ Agile Test Strategies & Management
+ Co-Existence of CMMI & Agile
+ Software Excellence using Xtreme Programming
+ Overview to SAFe Methodology
+ PMI ACP Contact Training Program

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  • 49+ Specialized Courses
  • 27+ Expert Instructors
  • Conducted by Practitoners
  • Action Learning Model

QAI’s Agile Transformation Consulting practice will help customer organizations grow and mature through their transformational journey aided by our new offerings. Our offerings have been developed to build a sustainable transformation by influencing the culture and quality of key organizational strategic levers, PEOPLE.

Agile Practice Maturity Assessment

QAI can conduct Agile maturity assessments to get an evaluation of the effectiveness of agile implementation in organizations and create a roadmap to determine further steps to take.  QAI can also recommend changes to existing processes, addition of new agile life cycle methodology, metrics and tools. It can provide solutions to address challenges like- agile adoption in distributed teams or in complex programs.

Transition to Agile

QAI has a unique consulting approach where in the consultants understand business needs, different project scenarios and provide a roadmap by identifying best agile methodology, Defining the process, Piloting, Training, Mentoring and Coaching to help in organizational wide deployment of selected methodology.

We provide a full range of Agile skill development services for individuals, groups and departments. To ensure success, QAI deploys Agile coaches who do more than just provide agile training; guides the organization/group/division through the challenges encountered by working side by side with project teams over a period of time.

Embedding Agile into Current Process

Embedding Agile Methods in current ongoing Initiatives like CMMI or in current development methodology (QMS) is one of the key requirements for many organizations. Instead of simply applying Agile methodology to all projects, it is always important to select the right set of project types for Agile implementation.

QAI, being pioneer in helping organization to achieve higher process maturity using process models like CMMI, has developed its own framework to embed Agile methodology concepts into organizations’ QMS and ensure co-existence of CMMI framework and Agile life cycle methodology.

Integrating Agile Process & Tools

To get the maximum benefits of Agile methodology implementation, project teams need to integrate some of the engineering and project management tools in its implementation. This would also further assist in simplifying the process of software development and to deliver consistently high quality products which is the primary objective of Agile methodology.

QAI helps to choose the “Horses for the Courses” i.e. helps in identifying the most relevant tools as per the organization/project’s need.

  • 49+ Specialized Courses
  • 27+ Expert Instructors
  • Conducted by Practitoners
  • Action Learning Model