To help the organizations in understanding and implementing High Maturity in the correct and effective way, QAI introduces the “Demystifying High Maturity – The Statistical Way”. This course is a one of its kind to help the organizations understand the nuances of implementing High Maturity. The course goes beyond theoretical knowledge and focuses a lot on actual implementation with plenty of hands on experience of real life situations faced by the organizations in implementing High Maturity.

Lot of organizations are aiming to achieve CMMI levels 4 and 5. However, there is very limited reference material available with regards to the same to help the organizations comprehend the model correctly. Since the level of experience in these levels is limited and also there is lot of variation in the interpretation of these practices by different people, thus, organizations are struggling to meet their implementation goals and deadlines.

This workshop provides details on what is high maturity and its characteristics. It provides detailed explanation of the concepts and practices at maturity levels 4-5 as well as examples of how statistical methods and tools can be applied to assist in the implementation of these practices. The workshop provides hands on experience on hypothesis testing, Process-Performance Baselines, Process-Performance Models, Control Charts, Regression Analysis and other statistical techniques.

Day 1
Introduction | SEI’s expectations from High Maturity Organizations | Establishing a strong measurement framework (ML2) | High level GQM | Concept of Y = f(x) | Introduction to SPC concepts
Day 2
Introduction to MINITAB | Statistical Tools using MINITAB | Control Charts | Advanced statistical concepts (hypothesis testing, ANOVA, correlation etc) | Tool based exercises
Day 3
Developing Process Performance Baselines, Process  | Performance Models | Interpreting High Maturity Process Areas | High Maturity Practices Common Pitfalls | Industry best practices




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