The objective of this course is to provide insight in the importance of structured testing, the need for test process improvement, the different models and the change process to implement changes within the organization. Apart from the theory, the course contains a number of exercises in order to gain practical experience.

The course is a mix of case-driven, instructor-led, and self-paced learning, designed to enable participants learn, experiment and implement the concepts involving Test Process Improvement. To enable a thorough hands-on of the concepts taught in the class room, the course is structured around a set of formal case studies.

Module 1 – Introduction
Participants | Familiarization with course material | Familiarization with the protocols and timings | Expectation setting and clarifications
Module 2 -Introduction to Process Improvement
Need for Process Improvement | What can be improved? | Views of Quality | Principles of Process Improvement | Generic Improvement cycle (Deming, IDEAL) | An overview to Improvement approaches
Module 3 – Model Based Improvement
Introduction to model based improvement | Software Process Improvement Models – ISO, CMMi | Software Test Process Improvement Models – TPI, TMM, TMMi, TOM etc | Context Based Models – CTP, STEP
Module 4 – Analytical Based Improvement
Need for Analytical based improvement | Casual Analysis | GQM model | Measures, Metrics & Indicators
Module 5 – Coverage of TPI
Focus of the model | Key areas of Focus | Understanding Check Points | Understanding Practices and Focus Areas | Building a Test Maturity Matrix | Method of Appraisal using TPI
Module 6 -Coverage of TMM
Focus of the model | Understand each of the levels | Understand 4 Domains of focus | Understand Sub Domains | Understand Process Areas | Understand Practices | Method of Appraisal using TMM
Module 7 -Coverage of TMMI
Focus of the model | Understanding Maturity Levels | Understand Maturity Sub Goals | Understand Activities, Responsibilities, and Key Practices | Understand Critical Views
Module 8 – Making a Choice of the Model & Improvement Goals
Selection of the test process improvement | Process for Improvement | Initiation & Diagnosis of the situation | Establishing a Test Improvement Plan | Acting to implement improvements | Learning from an improvement program | Managing Change
Module 9 – Case study on Comparative study of models




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