After the completion of the course, the participants would be able to understand Quality Center; add requirements in the requirement tab; create test scripts in the test plan tab; execute test scripts in the test lab tab; and add defects to the defect tab.

The course is a mix of case-driven, instructor-led, and self-paced learning, designed to enable participants learn, experiment and implement the advanced concepts involved in test automation using Quality Center. The participants will be presented with ample examples, exercises and case studies to understand and apply the concepts taught.

Module 1 – Introduction
Participants | Familiarization with course material | Familiarization with the protocols and timings | Expectation setting and clarifications
Module 2 -Quality Center Administration
Site Administration at a glance | Site Administration at a glance | Upgrading and migrating Project
Module 3 – Site Administration
Managing Quality Center users | Managing User Connection and Licenses | Configuring servers and parameter | Analyzing site usage
Module 4 – Project Customization
Project Customization at a glance | Managing Users in a project | Managing user groups and permission | Customizing Quality Center Project | Configuring Auto mail | Setting Traceability Notification Rules  | Generating Workflow Scripts | Work Flow Customization
Module 5 – Quality Center Basics
Quality Center Basics | introduction | Start Quality Center | Working with Quality Center Data | Tracing Changes | Adding Attachment | Working with Favorite Views
Module 6 – Requirement Specification in QC
The Requirements Specification workflow | The Requirement module at a glance | Developing the requirement Tree | Viewing Requirement in tree view and Grid view | Requirement Traceability | Generating Requirement in to Test plan and Test lab | Converting Requirement in to Test plan | Sending mail | Flag Notification | Report Generations
Module 7 – Test Planning in QC
The Test plan Workflow | Developing The Test plan Tree | Linking Test To Requirement | Building Tests | Creating Automated Test Script | Creating Manual Test | Flag Notification | Report Generation
Module 8 – Test Execution in QC
The Test lab Workflow | Creating Test sets | Scheduling Test Runs | Running Test Manually | Running Test Automatically | Viewing Test Results
Module 9 – Defect Tracking
The Defect Tracking Work flow | Adding and Tracking Defect | Linking Defect
Module 10 – Analysis & Reporting in QC
Generating Reports | Generating Graphs | Generating Live Analysis Graph | Generating Project Documents




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